Homeowner's guide: How to comply with building regulations.



In October 2010, the latest revision of Part L of the building regulations came into force with the objective of implementing the EU's Energy Performance of Building Directive.


The aim is to reduce energy use in buildings. Part L is concerned with the Conservation of Fuel and Power in buildings.





  • The objective of Part L of the building regulations 2010 is to reduce the energy use in buildings by at least 25% compared with the 2006 regulations, which themselves were an improvement of 20% over the 2002 regulations.
  • The regulations come into effect when over 50% or more of the roof area is being refurbished. In simple terms, it means the the whole of that roof must be brought up to the thermal efficiency demanded by the current regulations.
  • A strip and re-roof or even just the provision of a new layer of waterproofing, for example when stripping and re felting a flat roof, will usually necessitate the upgrading of the thermal performance of the roof.
  • This will, in most refurbishment instances requir the provision of additional thermal insulation to achieve an improved thermal efficiency (U Value) in accordance with the regulations. If such an upgrade is not technically of functionally feasable of would not achieve a simple payback of 15 years or less, the element should be upgraded to the best standard that can be achieved.




  • Before work on a roof is carried out the local council i.e the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) must be informed of the intention to carry out work.
  • Details and extent of the proposed work should be confirmed to the LABC within an application to repair/renovate.
  • Work may beginn prior to approval in the case of emergency repairs.
  • LABC will inspect the work periodically to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations and with the drawings/specifications supplied in the application. A completion certificate will be issued at the end of the contract.




  • There is a amximum fine of £5000 for each case of non-compliance of the regulations and this would fall on the homeowner and/or the roofing contractor.
  • Roof work may be halted if started without the LABC being informed and any work opened up for inspection.
  • If work is carried out without a Building Control completion certificate the homeowner will experience difficulties when coming to sell the house.


The homeowner CANNOT opt out from having their insulation upgraded to Part L. Unless it can be proved that the payback period will be more than 15 years or the work is not technically feasable, but even then the roof must be upgraded to the best standard that is within this criteria.





  • Obtain a number of comparative quotations and specifications for the work.
  • Through the chosen roofing contractor, ensure the LABC is informed.


Remember the so-called "roofer" with a van and a ladder can cost the homeowner dearly if any work carried out is not with the approval of Building Control.


Refurbishing over 50% your roof?



Did you know that the work must be reported to Local Authority Building Control or you could face a fine of up to £5000?



Don’t be caught out; Building Regulations are the LAW

Work done to your roof as with many other jobs around your home need to be notified to and approved by your LocalAuthority Building Control (LABC).







If I fail to Comply with Building Regulations?


If you do not inform LABC  you are at risk of prosecution, which can result in a hefty fine. If the work is found to be faulty LABC could insist that you put it right at your own expense.

You will also have a problem when you come to sell your home as you will be asked to provide certificates of compliance with the Building Regulations. This will mean you will have to obtain new certificates.

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